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Our first product was the FizziQ application, which uses sensors present in smartphones to facilitate student access to experimentation tools that are significantly more economical than specialized devices. FizziQ is distributed in 165 countries and used by thousands of teachers to teach science.


FizziQ is a free application without sharing personal data that turns any smartphone into a portable laboratory for scientific experimentation. 


The application uses the sensors present in smartphones in order to allow the analysis of more than 50 physical data (sound, light, movement, position, magnetism, colors, etc.) and facilitate the investigation process. FizziQ also offers a complete environment for the exploitation of this data: 

  • the experiment notebook to which you can add text, photos or tables, 

  • the sharing of measurements and the creation of synthetic documents in PDF and CSV format, 

  • experimentation tools such as synthesizers or triggers, 

  • downloading and viewing experiment protocols with or without internet access.


The application, created in 2020 by the French startup, was distributed in partnership with the La main à la pâte Foundation, which brought its educational experience to the project. 


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FizziQ Junior

In November, Trapè company launched FizziQ Junior, following a partnership with the Ministry of Education and La Main à la Pâte Foundation.


The educational objectives of Fizziq Junior focus on three areas:

1. Contribute to student learning in science and mathematics by facilitating the implementation of experimental activities in these areas

2. Reinforce reasoned digital practices within the class by distributing free new resources adapted to the program

3. Help teachers in carrying out experimental protocols using the investigation method 

These objectives target both the student and the teacher who retains a central role in the appropriation and use of the application. Note that the application can also be used at home as part of educational continuity or homework, offering a possibility of experimentation and sharing of experiences that is new and often difficult to achieve outside the walls of the school.​​

The FizziQ Junior application will allow you to approach in an original and scientific way many notions of K4-K8 program and the common base of knowledge and skills. These cover the fields of science and technology, mathematics as well as physical education, music and the plastic arts. FizziQ Junior will be able to connect to external sensors to extend the range of possibilities. The experiment notebook allows you to document and structure the results and the analysis, to work in groups and to share your work. 

In a transversal way, FizziQ Junior participates in the "mastery of techniques and knowledge of the rules of digital tools" and in the use "of different peripherals as well as digital data processing software (images, texts, sounds, etc.) »

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